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Wedding Safa For Barati

B aratis have their special place in a wedding. They are revered and respected. Keeping in touch with the tradition, we provide Safas for Baratis which come in all shapes and sizes.There are thousands of styles to tie a Safa and the style varies depending on the region where the family originates from. Wedding Safa Online provide all types of the product so you can choose what suits you the best. Back in time, the colour, shape and size of the Safa used to reflect the societal status of the person. In Rajasthan, the style of tying the turban changes every 12 miles; also, the colour change according to the season and occasion.

Baratis are then received by the bride’s family wearing a Safa. It is a matter of pride and prestige for both families. Wedding Safa Online is the most diverse marketplace for Safas. We specialize in Safa tying also. Our artists are extremely talented and take only a minute to tie your cloth. We use only premium quality Safas for all our events.

In different parts of the country, different Safas are worn in diverse climates. Like for example, in spring you will see the white and red Falguniya Safa while the dotted chunri pattern signify an auspicious occasion such as the birth of a child. The panchranga Safa which comprises of five colours is worn at weddings while the pink, red and green coloured ones are usually worn for festivals. The lahariya turbans on the other hand, are worn during the rainy season. Wedding Safa Online has a huge collection of Safas to suit your Sherwani or Jodhpuri suit.

The Safa tying activity happens just before the baraat procession begins. The groom’s relatives and friends get their Safas tied at the place where the baraat would begin while usually the bride’s side guests and family members get theirs tied at the venue so that they are ready to receive the baraat when it arrives at the venue. Our artists can be available at both venues to take care of the whole process. You need not worry about it at all.

Contact us for the best deals on this product! We need to take a minimum order for Safa tying artist. You can inquire us about the same. Congratulations on the wedding.



Wedding Safa Online offers the widest collection of Safas in India. We have years of experience in this field and offer exclusive service for the groom too.



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