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Fancy Safa

T he Safa has changed dramatically over the years. It is no longer just plain and simple. Besides matching with the attire, it is also a show piece item which distinguishes the wearer from others. The decoration includes the colour, the Sehra and the Kalgi. The Groom Safa is the part of a groom’s clothing package in Northern India. The Sehra decoration, where the turban is ornamented with strings of flowers is considered an auspicious ceremony and is celebrated in a grand manner. The sehra is taken off only after the wedding ritual is completed. The Kalgi can be a stone, a jewel, a diamond or any other piece of jewellery which compliments the rest of the attire.

The modern day Safa is made in a customized fashion, matching the groom’s outfit. It is also embellished with stones, zari work and other adornments to make it an eye-catching piece. The most prominent accessory that enhances the look of the Safa is the Safa Brooch which is an embellished stone that is affixed onto the Safa near the centre along with a ‘morpankh’, a peacock feather. These two elements complete the look of the groom’s turban.

A couple of years back, the rich turban element in weddings was slowly dying out. However, thanks to Bollywood cinema and high-profile weddings- the trend is slowly making a re-entry into common Indian weddings in a big way.The most popular Safa in recent times has been worn by a Bollywood actor was the flower-ladenSafa worn by Abhishek Bachchan on his wedding day. It was the perfect traditional turban which was made out of resplendent white and gold brocade and was adorned with a thick canopy-like Sehra. Since then, the trend fast caught on and it made their comeback in a flamboyant way.

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