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Lehriya Chunari Safa

A Lehriya Chunari Safa is made with a special cloth. Originating from Rajasthan, the Lehriya Chunari Safa is a one of a kind product. It is known for its ethnic look. It has a dotted pattern and consists of different colours. Different parts of India have different types of Safas ranging from the Topor in West Bengal to the Pheta of Maharashtra. Whatever the colour or form- the Safa is the most distinguishing feature of a groom’s outfit in India which adds an element of royalty to the ensemble.The turban is a very long piece of cloth. The Safa on the other hand is much shorter but broader. The typical fabrics that constitute a typical Safa range from zari, chuneri, silk cloth or gharchola. The most typical style of Safa is Bandhani style wherein it is embellished with dubka work and beads along with the ornamental ‘Kalgi’ which is a studded brooch affixed to the front side of the Safa .

The Lehriya Chunari Safa is made with a long tail and a small horn-like shape at the front- which reminds us of the royal ensembles. It is found in Rajasthan and is a royal heritage of the capital city – Jaipur. Such Safas are made up of local Jaipur print or Bandhani fabric and is further embellished with zari work, gems, and beads. This is the Safa that you are most likely to find in Rajasthani weddings, which resembles what the Maharajas used to wear in the bygone eras. The Safa is commonly worn in Rajasthani weddings.

Safas are differently tied and are of different colour combinations in different parts. For instance, in Jodhpur, the Rajputswear which five different colours called the Panchrangi turban. In West Bengal, the groom wears a topor which is a head gear that has a conical shape. It is made out ofsholapith and is ivory white in colour. The topor is usually given by the bride’s family and it is said to bring good luck to the groom.

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