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Groom Sehra

A Dulha or Groom is known by his Sehra on his wedding. It is only worn by a groom on his wedding day. It reflects the prestige of thegroom. As a veil is for brides, a sehra is for grooms. Superstition says that it protects the groom from evil eye.They are also expected to carry it with grace and élan. . In the olden days, sehras were worn only by royalty. However, things started changing and nowadays nearly every groom is seen wearing one. Modern design sehra comes in many designs.

The Sehra goes back centuries. The south Indian Sehra is basically a veil made up of flowers. It entirely covers the groom’s face and he is not allowed to remove it till the wedding is over. Gold or silver lace is commonly used to bind the Sehra together. Modern grooms are not hesitant to experiment a little and opt for embroidered silk bands. It is considered as an important wedding accessory for a bridegroom in Indian culture. The respect and prestige of a bridegroom is linked with Sehra. Earlier it was only worn by rich men but now it is part of men’s accessories in almost all the weddings. It is a perfect accessory that completes the look of a bridegroom for the wedding day.

The colour and material of Sehra differs from region to religion. Sehra is basically a cover for the face of bridegroom as it is veil for a bride. A Sehra can be made of many things. When it comes to choosing the band that holds your Sehra together, you can opt for embroidered cotton or silk band, which is studded with stones. If you believe in simplicity, then opt for a satin band. Selection of flowers must be done carefully while opting for this type of Sehra. The band that holds the Sehra comes in silk, embroidered cotton and can be just a satin band which is simple in look and maintenance.

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