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Culture is the one thing that binds us all. We believe in tradition and have respect for our roots. Festivities such as Marriages and Engagements allow us to embrace our religion and follow in its footsteps. We at Wedding Safa Online pay homage to our tradition. We are experts at tying the most beautiful Safas on the heads of our guests so that they look the part during the wedding. We have Safas of every colour and design. You can choose from thousand of designs to select your preferred one.

A Safa is an auspicious cloth which is worn by men on the occasion of a wedding. They are made of one single band of cloth and are usually 5-8 meters of length. They can be either made of single colour band or multicolour bands. These Safa are generally worn by men in the northern part of India but people from other parts of the country are also warming up to the idea. A man wearing a Safa in the wedding looks his part. He is most welcomed by everyone and looks attractive in his attire.

Safa tying is usually done by a professional who can do it within couple of minutes. Also thought otherwise, Safa tying done by experts is a fairly simple and less time-consuming activity. The colour of Safa is chosen in a peculiar way so that it becomes easy to identify whether the guest is from bride’s side or from groom’s side. You must be wondering when does one tie his Safa? The Safa tying for Baratis takes place just before the baraat is ready to proceed. The bride’s family welcomes the Groom’s family traditionally wearing a Safa.

Wedding Safa Online offers the widest collection of Safas in India. We have years of experience in this field and offer exclusive service for the groom too. We have a team of trained Safa Tiers who are adept at providing services to you at the most cost-effective price. Kalgi, Rajasthani, Jodhpuri, Banarasi, Chunari and many more types of Safas are available depending on your choice. Contact us for the most amazing offers!

What We Do

We also provide our personnel to help your wear turbans at your place in any occasion and any where. We can customise safa according to your choice. We provide various types of turbans. We put our best foot forward and always make sure to make your event or wedding ceremony colourfull.

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Safa For Barati

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Bandhej Safa

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Banarsi Zari Safa

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Jodhpuri Safa

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Rajasthani Safa

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Georgette Safa

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Lehriya Safa

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Is it a Hand Tied Concept ?

These Pugri's are tied from a safa cloth at the Venue by our Jodhpuri Experts.

Is there a minimum number that we can order ?

30 is the minimum no.of Pugri's that we do & we do it from our cloth only.

What's the Pricing ?

Our Pricing starts from Rs.350/-a Pugri & goes up to Rs.1500/- a Pugri, that includes tying & Cloth on a buy out basis.

How do we see select the Cloth/Material/Design ?

You can Schedule a meeting with us & we can show you at your Doorstep.

Can we see the designs on Whatsapp ?

Yes, We can send you some designs on whatsapp for an initial shortlist.

Do you also tie Groom's Pugri ?

Yes, We do Groom's Pugri too, along with Baraati's & Guests ( Minimum no.should be 30 ) .We however charge extra for Groom's.

Tradition wedding safas with Hand Tying jodhpuri experts.



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Wedding Safa Online offers the widest collection of Safas in India. We have years of experience in this field and offer exclusive service for the groom too.



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